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Elbphilharmonie and UNESCO World Heritage Warehouse District and City Center – PRIVATE TOUR

Elbphilharmonieplatform, Warehouse District, St. Nikolai church, Town Hall

Private City Tour
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We begin our Elbphilharmonie and UNESCO World Heritage Tour in front of the visitor’s centre, Kaiserkai 60 – 62 on the opposite side of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

After visiting the platform of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall for about 30 minutes (we do not visit foyer areas and Grand Hall) we’ll continue our guided walking tour into the Warehouse District (Speicherstadt) and pass the Deichstrasse, one out of 4 historic streets in the city centre with houses dating back to the 17th century.

We will have a short stop at the ruin of St. Nikolai church which is a memorial for the victims of WWII.

At Trostbrücke (consolation bridge) you’ll take a look at the first harbor basin of our beautiful city. Our tour will end at the town hall.

We also offer this tour in other languages.


Start Time: Your choice

Duration: 2 hours

Group size: Max. 20 guests

For larger groups with more than 20 people
we provide a 2nd tour guide for better service.


1 – 4 guests: 150 EUR / 2 Std.
5 – 9 guests: 170 EUR / 2 Std.
10 – 15 guests: 200 EUR / 2 Std.

How to book?

Please call: +49 176 48 13 80 29

Please let us know at least 2 hours prior to tour begin if you want to book – either via mail or by phone.
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Tour description Elbphilharmonie + UNESCO World Heritage Warehouse District + City Center TOUR

From the platform of the Elbphilharmonie, 37 m above the Elbe river, we have a stunning view into the 21st century’s HafenCity (HarborCity) (we do not visit foyer areas and Grand Hall).

The HafenCity has been described as one of Western Europe’s most ambitious projects of urban development. Here, we will see modern and sustainable architecture on a grand scale! And if you know just where to look, you can still find a few protected buildings from the past!

We will cross the customs canal (Zollkanal) that once separated the city and the free port zone.

As we find our way between historic sites, we will learn about Hamburg’s Free Port status and how it has helped shaping the city for over 800 years.

Deichstrasse HamburgIn the Warehouse District (Speicherstadt), we will take in the charm of the historic waterways which separate the old storage buildings.

We will learn about the different occupations that were necessary to operate one of Europe’s busiest trade hubs.

  • How has time changed things here?
  • How are the buildings used today?
  • Are goods from exotic places still being stored here?
  • And, how does the new era of container ships influence this site today?

You will hear about the famous Hamburg swans, how Hamburg could become one of the leading port cities in the world and why it took almost 50 years to rebuild the Town Hall after a devastating fire in 1842.

You will learn about the meaning of the Hygieia-fountain, the center of the Town Hall’s courtyard and how the famous pirate „Stoertebeker“ was captured and brought to Hamburg for trial and execution.

Come with us and marvel at these unique treasures.

We will end our tour at the Town Hall, a few steps away from one of Germany’s finest shopping districts.

Please contact us for further information.

Please call: +49 176 48 13 80 29

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Pictures: First one, Warehouse district with Elbphilharmonie: Lupo,; Wandrahmsfleet: Bernd Sterzl,; Zollkanal Panorama, Bernd Sterzl,; Deichstrasse: Bernd Sterzl,; Warehouse district with Elbphilharmonic Hall: Lupo,; Sprinkenhof: Bernd Sterzl,; Jungfernbruecke: Bernd Sterzl,, Town Hall: © niklebedev51, Fotolia; Others: Jutta Hülsmann